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Looking for a team building event your group can actually get excited about? LevelUp Escapes offers exciting, challenging rooms that are perfect for strengthening and observing any group.

Escape rooms are the perfect setting for team building activities that will bring your employees a unique and exciting experience. Your team can get away from the typical schedule of the workweek and add a new flavour to what they are used to in traditional team building exercises. Our creative escape room activities will put your team to work by participating collaboratively to solve mysteries, escape from dangerous situations, and complete waves of difficult tasks.

You can schedule a chat with one of our Event Coordinator's, so we can work to provide you with the perfect solution for your next Team Building Event.

Advantages Of Escape Rooms

BUILDS LEADERSHIP, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking
Makes groups truly THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX
Great to OBSERVE YOUR TEAM in an environment that elicits problem-solving and communication

What Are Escape Rooms?

Your group will be trapped in a room filled with a variety of puzzles, hidden items, and countless surprises with only 60 minutes to solve the mystery of the game.

Creative escape room activities will give your employees the tools they need to improve their teamwork, while having loads of fun in the process. Your team will grow together to improve their communication, planning, organisational, and leadership skills to develop better trust in their fellow team members, forming a stronger and more cohesive team. Escape room challenges will also help spark your team members’ creativity and problem solving skills to provide more value to your organisation in reaching its goals.

LevelUp Escapes will work with your group to plan and develop the perfect corporate team building event for a memorable and rewarding experience. For your next event, LevelUp Escapes will bring you the ultimate team building experience to unlock your team's maximum potential.

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