Mystery Manor

Location: Darwin Shopping Centre

Unit SU33,
Middle Mall,
Darwin Shopping Centre,
2-6 people
60 minutes
From £20.00 per person
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Welcome to Shrewsbury Manor, a captivating mansion with a rich history waiting to be uncovered. At Level Up Estates, we pride ourselves on showcasing unique properties, and this grand estate is no exception.

Once belonging to the esteemed Vespar Mytton, Shrewsbury Manor exudes an air of mystery and elegance. Despite its illustrious past, whispers of haunting phenomena have made potential buyers hesitant to step through its doors.

As you explore the ornate halls and shadowy corners of the mansion, you'll find yourself immersed in a narrative filled with intrigue and suspense. From the opulent grandeur of the drawing room to the eerie silence of the abandoned chambers, every corner of Shrewsbury Manor holds secrets waiting to be unravelled.

But beware, for amidst the grandeur lies a chilling mystery. Strange occurrences have plagued the mansion, and rumors of a haunting abound. Your mission is clear: piece together clues, interrogate suspects, and solve mysteries to uncover the truth behind the haunting of Shrewsbury Manor. Your ultimate challenge awaits: Accuse who you believe is behind the haunting. Choose wisely, for only by accusing the right suspect will you solve the mystery and reveal the secrets that Shrewsbury Manor holds. Are you ready to step into the shadows and uncover the truth behind the haunting of Shrewsbury Manor?

Mystery Manor Sneak Peak
Mystery Manor Escape Room
Mystery Manor Room Preview

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