A Merry Mayhem

Location: Darwin Shopping Centre

Unit SU33,
Middle Mall,
Darwin Shopping Centre,
2-6 people
60 minutes
From £20.00 per person
lock lock lock


Step into the festive world of Cozywood Cottage, a charming log cabin nestled deep in the British countryside. It's Christmas Eve, and the entire family has gathered for a joyous celebration. However – Uncle Viktor, has mysteriously gone missing, and he's left the Christmas turkey trapped in the oven!

As members of the family, it's up to you to take on the challenge. You have just 60 minutes to rescue the turkey, follow quirky clues, and solve puzzling dilemmas while racing against the clock. Can you save the Christmas feast before the rest of the family arrives, or will your festive dinner turn into a disaster? This room boasts a fantastic soundtrack and fun for all the family!

A Merry Mayhem Sneak Peak
A Merry Mayhem Escape Room
A Merry Mayhem Room Preview

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